Kleine Fabriek

Kleine Fabriek

Kleine fabriek started in the summer of 2005, as a little sister of Modefabriek, the successful fashion trade show in Amsterdam. Kleine fabriek has since then grown into an international leading event for professionals in the field of children’s fashion, shoes and accessories. Each edition they welcome around 5.000 national and international visitors and showcase almost 400 brands on a space of around 14.000 square meters.

For the winter edition January 2016 I translated strategic and creative goals for a new creative content: events, programming and experience. Re-designed, organized and realized existing event items. Gave new energy to the brand / concept Kleine Fabriek. Generated Press and PR attention by creating new content and partnerships. Was a sparring Partner of various stakeholders of existing and new projects and connected creativity with business and commercial interest.

Many thanks: Lonneke Huijbregts, Kim van Rossenberg, Jeanine Breukhoven-Kho, Antoine Peters, IJM studio and I O I A.

Photography: Pieter Jan Boterhoek and Reinier van der Aart.



4 maart 2016


Art Direction