Pieces of Me

Willemijn de Wit

Pieces of Me

Pieces of Me/ ‘You Are Here’ concept store Spring summer 2011

‘Pieces of Me’ tells the story of fantasy and emotion, sensitivity and romance. Selected designers; Sanne Jansen, Julie van Zessen, Jo Meesters and Ontwerpduo.

Personal values play a major role. A lifestyle is alive and changing with you, home and style tell a personal story and show what you find important and cherish. It tells you who you are now and where you stand. ‘Pieces of Me’ inspires and shows a diversity of styles. Personal stories come together and with a blink in the eye they show you the deeper message in it. Fashion and design are merged resulting in a mix of free styles, patterns and strong colors, all look back to ancient practices and techniques.

Photography Joost van de Brug



24 februari 2011


Retail interior