Room For Conversations

Room For Conversations

Each season I select a current trend-in-progress, making it relevant for brands and makers as well as shop-/gallery owners and consumers to engage in its development.
‘Room For Conversations’ explores the contemporary dialogue about the value of the physical shop environment. Fashion, design, artworks, they are all ‘story elements’ for identity. The dialogue is about the way one object or idea relates to the other, and how we relate to these conversations, and to one another. Relevant stores are no sales supply rooms, but platforms for this fascinating on-going dialogue.

Selected work from: Sigrid Calon with label weavers EElabels, Johan Moorman from Spielerei, rENs with carpet makers Desso, Daphna Laurens, Mandy Roos and Mae Engelgeer & Jeroen van Leur.

Photography Dirk van den Heuvel
Fall winter 2014 ‘You Are Here’ concept store



21 augustus 2014


Retail interior