I developed and created the retail design for You Are Here store and defined the creative guidelines. I studied and followed every project through every phase of realization, from the interior design to site specific installations for shop windows and the selection of designers and fashion brands. I put remarkable effort in the overseeing and handling of every aspect of each project. In addition to coordinating the chosen team of professionals, I was also responsible for the selection of all visible products, the furnishing, and the graphics.

For spring summer 2015 I drew inspiration from a workshop, creating a room, area, and a small establishment where manual or light industrial work is done. Selected designers Dienke Dekker, Ruben van der Scheer, Michelle Bours, V3rs design, Sander Wassink, OS OOS and Eric Stehman.

Photography Dirk van den Heuvel
Spring Summer 2015 ‘You Are Here’ concept store



10 februari 2015


Retail interior