you are local

you are local

I always get inspired by local designers. For this season I handpicked a few of them working with a local philosophy and heritage; Jan Pieter Kaptein, made by rENs, Job Stribos, Garden Mania, Selina de Ruijter & Esmee Jacobs and Werner Neumann.
“Think globally, act locally” urges people to consider the health of the entire planet and to take action in their own communities and cities.
With an indoor store garden, Garden Mania created a “grow your own” store veggies. Using decoration and visual merchandise materials used on the street like concrete tiles and foam. Behind the counter a local wall, where local initiatives got room to present themselves. Store window collaborations consisted from local designers and initiatives.

Photography Job Stribos
Spring Summer 2014 ‘You Are Here’ concept store



7 augustus 2014


Retail interior